Working Group for ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism
News and Updates

    • Workshop on Developing National Human Rights Action Plans in ASEAN (12-13 November 2010, Manila)
    • Informational Programme for the Principal Assistants of the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (20-27 November 2010, Strasbourg and Berlin)
    • Workshop on Corporate Social Responsibility within an ASEAN Human Rights Framework (30 November – 01 December 2010, Singapore)
    • Discussion on the Human Rights Implications of the ASEAN Community Blueprints (22-23 February 2011, Luang Prabang)

During its first meeting with the Working Group, the AICHR shared that part of its plans and directions include the strengthening of the capacity of the AICHR, increasing awareness and discussion of human rights issues in ASEAN, and the preparation of thematic studies on human rights.

The Working Group also shared that it has produced an informational video on ASEAN and human rights, which is being used for awareness-raising.

Aside from this, the Working Group proposed joint activities with the AICHR which include workshops on thematic human rights issues (e.g. corporate social responsibility and human rights, ASEAN Community Blueprints, etc.), consultations on the proposed ASEAN Human Rights Declaration, Curriculum Development for Human Rights Training, and ASEAN Human Rights Discussion Series and a Roadshow on the AICHR. It also shared a suggested framework and elements for the drafting of an ASEAN human rights declaration.

In the end, the AICHR Representatives welcomed the initiatives of the Working Group and agreed to pursue constructive dialogues and coordination with each other’s work plans to be able to have complementary activities.